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My teaching philosophy is all about making learning engaging, practical, and inclusive. 

Engagement and Active Learning: I like to keep things interactive in my classes. I ask questions that get students thinking, encourage small group discussions, and then bring everyone together for a big class conversation. It really gets students involved, even in challenging subjects. And it helps them connect with each other, making learning a team effort.

Gamification for Complex Topics: To make tough topics more fun and understandable, I've turned to gamification. We play games like "Family Feud Federalism" and "Confuse the Courts" to explore complex concepts. It's a great way to boost understanding and enthusiasm. Students seem to enjoy it too!

Practical Skill Development: I want my students to take what they learn in class and apply it in the real world. In my Race, Ethnicity, and Politics courses, students create policy briefs on real issues. They get to defend their ideas through presentations. It's a hands-on approach that students appreciate.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Creating an inclusive space is crucial, especially when discussing sensitive topics. I encourage respectful discussions and value diverse perspectives. Even when students disagree, I aim to foster understanding rather than shutting anyone down.

I'm committed to helping every student succeed, and I believe in building their self-confidence. That's been my goal since my time as a teaching assistant. Let's learn together and make education a collaborative and enjoyable journey!


Instructor of Record

Graduate Student Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant with Discussion Section

  • Introduction to American Politics: 2020

  • Political Inquiry: 2020, 2021

Professional Positions

  • Senior Teaching Assistant for Methods

Other Teach Assistant Positions

  • Perspectives on Race (Poli 100O): 2018

  • Policy Analysis and Public Welfare (GPCO 408 - MA level course): 2019

  • Politics and Warfare (Poli 142K): 2020, 2021

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